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Legend has it Krakens are giant sea monsters poised to take down fleets of ships with eight arms of strength and millions of cephalopods grasping for traction.

KRKN’s plan of attack is similar to that. We work with our clients to identify industry gaps and uncover opportunities to uniquely position their company. We arm ourselves with the best in marketing, research, development and design, and we prepare to strike with precise measures, taking down your competition with a fast-paced go-to-market strategy.

We work with clients in every industry and offer unparalleled breadth of experience and excellence in service — we specialize in taking small start-ups and concepts, offering a plug-in full-scale marketing and development team. Giving you and your investors the confidence to go to market with an execution plan that isn’t just effective, it’s impactful.

KRKN Creative doesn’t just take you from concept to company, we take you from concept to conquering. We cover everything from branding, brochures, pitch decks, web and app design/development, UI and UX, e-commerce, business plans, marketing plans, creative design strategy and yes… even business cards.

A few of our satisfied clients include:

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KRKN creative

We work with great people, so that you can work with great people. Here are just a few of our best.

Kevin murphy

owner, creative director

Kevin Murphy brings his extensive experience and knowledge of web and app design to the KRKN Creative team. He has honed his creative skills while providing successful solutions for small and large companies wearing all the hats associated with the hectic world of digital design. Kevin makes Vancouver, British Columbia his current home while commuting regularly to the company offices in Arizona and Texas.

Paired with passionate ambition and his love for great design, Kevin’s ability to maintain product consistency under tight deadlines while collaborating with the software content and development team has proved to be his greatest strength. He has spent much of the past 6 years working in similar capacities with other tech startups such as Play and Win Sports, Find Your Influence, Victory Square Ventures and Onsite Dealer Solutions.

nicole whelen

project management

Nicole is a motivating and effective leader with a proven ability to manage a diverse workload both personally and professionally.

Multi-faceted, resourceful and a quick learner make her ability to master new roles in new industries both fluid and short spanned. Excelling in analyzing current systems and generating new ideas to improve function and form, she is a key member to any team developing new management, marketing and communication strategies.

chris tivey


Chris Tivey spent the first 25 years of his career as a Creative Director, founding 3 successful firms: Ideation (Vancouver, Toronto), The Hathaway Group and Envisioning & Storytelling – executing successful campaigns for clients such as General Motors, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, Kraft General Foods, Air Canada and The Calgary Olympic Development Committee, to name a few.

Chris met and began collaborating with Prasad Chavali on the development of numerous software platforms. Together they developed and co-own Play and Win Sports, a fantasy golf platform. In close collaboration with Creative Director Kevin Murphy, Chris has been passionate in the creation of the unique and intuitive user experience for what is being built at IZON Golf.

prasad chavali


Prasad’s career took off after being recruited by Motorola as a Senior Software Engineer and in that position, toured over 8 different countries installing and training teams in Quality Management software. After partnering for a period of time in an Asset Management software company, Prasad ventured out on his own. His offshore development team began with just two team members in 1999 and has now grown to include offices in Hyderabad and Rajahmundry with a combined staff of 150.

With over 23 years of experience in software design and development, Prasad Chavali spent much his time contributing to numerous start-ups while growing this team. Such ventures include proprietary solutions for Automotive IntelliQence, Find Your Influence, Play and Win Sports, Onsite Dealer Solutions and Immerse Golf VR Technology.

Paul cottrell


Paul brings over 15 years of extensive experience in software and systems development, coupled with project management and team building. He has touched a wide array of industries, including many start ups, never failing to complete his projects while surpassing expectations. He is a tremendous asset to any team.

Paul has recently launched www.ccdex.com with his team. They are disrupting the construction industry to the core with top notch innovation and cutting edge systems development.

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